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Ice Texture
21+   |  TEAMS OF 4   |  $100 ENTRY FEE  | CASH PRIZES 

- weather permitting - 
The Great Northern Bar & Grill and the Grant Clan would like to introduce to you BEER CURLING, a fantastically fun new event!


Maximum Play will consist of 4 ROUNDS or 15 minutes, whichever comes first. At the end of Maximum Play, the team with the most points wins. If, after Maximum Play, the game is tied, a tie-breaking procedure will be employed.*

Any team scoring 15 points or more (cumulatively) at the conclusion of ANY ROUND, wins, and play is ended. If both teams exceed 15 points, the higher scoring team wins. The referee will determine when play has ended.

Each team will consist of 4 players, two playing from one end of the ice and two playing from the other end.  A playing ROUND will consist of 4 beers (per team) being slid by two team-mates toward the scoring rings.  One team-mate slides the first 2 beers and the other slides the last two.

Shots are made alternately between the teams.

Whichever team scored last, goes first.

Points are scored by sliding beers toward 3 concentric rings; the point value of which is 5, 3, and 1.  After all beers have been slid, total point values are added for each team and the DIFFERENCE is awarded. (EX: team A scores 8 and team B scores 5. Team A receives 3 points)

Any beer coming to rest touching a ring will be awarded the higher of the point values.

The referee will have final say on point values scored.


Only beer cans that remain upright at rest are scored. Any can that falls over is a Dead Soldier and should be removed from the ice before play continues.

Any can that falls over during travel should be stopped and removed before it hits any other cans. If a Dead Soldier does manage to contact other cans before it is removed from play, those cans affected should be replaced as close as possible to the position they were in before they were affected by the Dead Soldier.

It is the responsibility of  both the referee AND the players to prevent Dead Soldiers from interfering with upright cans

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