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2024 Online Yeti Doll Auction

Step right up, ladies and gentlemen! Feast your eyes on the extraordinary spectacle that awaits you at the Greatest Online Yeti Circus! Behold, the towering yetis transformed into a dynamic duo like never before – one a mighty strongman, the other a clown ready to tickle your funny bone. These rare and whimsical creations are not to be missed! Join the bidding excitement, and get ready to snag a one-of-a-kind yeti doll to add a touch of the extraordinary to your collection. Don't be a wallflower; join the auction frenzy and let the bidding bonanza commence! We are grateful for your participation, your generosity sustains WWC's mission to support our unique community.

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Step right up, folks, and feast your eyes! We proudly present a marvel of muscle, an iron hercules, a fury of flex! Meet Gunner, a Yeti capable of lifting more than your spirits – he once bench-pressed the cotton candy machine while juggling popcorn buckets! This one-of-a-kind strongman is pure Carnival Yeti, from his assorted pins (yes, that is a bearded lady) to his priceless tattoos, he bench-presses laughter and deadlifts the funny bone, turning feats of strength into a sideshow spectacle that'll keep you on the edge of your seat.

Gunner can be yours for the highest bid, a generous donation that will support Whitefish Winter Carnival and its mission to support the citizens of Whitefish, while also bringing levity and promoting community. There will never be another Gunner, throw your hat in the ring before this circus leaves town!

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Whether he's tumbling down the hills or juggling snow cones, this yeti clown is the life of the Winter Carnival party! Meet "Mo" Sno Please, this year's furry Yeti with a jester heart and collectable attire. It's a frosty fiesta, a snow-capped carnival extravaganza, and Mo is the star of the show, spreading carnival cheer. Here's your opportunity to own a piece of Whitefish Winter Carnival, a one-of-a-kind Yeti doll handmade by Duchess Linda Ray. Donate early and often, your incredible support goes to ensure our mission of supporting community continues. Thank you!

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Yeti Dolls Through the Years

11 Years ago a talented Duchess created the first yeti doll, a simple creation compared to the yeti dolls we know today, but the start of something grand nonetheless! In the years following the yeti doll has become a staple of the Whitefish Winter Carnival Gala, drawing generous bids in the quest for ownership of these one-of-a-kind pieces. Each year a variety of characters are put up for auction, all uniquely whimsical and perfect representations of the essence of the year's Carnival theme.

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